This is a general reference of our three different grades – Select/Clear, Commercial and Budget/Economy grades for boxes. The pictures above do not represent a worst-case scenario or a best-case scenario for each grade. In fact, the sides and ends used were randomly picked off each corresponding pallet – our goal is to give our customer an idea in the difference of woodenware grades.

Select Grade
This grade will have the fewest wood deviations. Small, tight knots and small pitch pockets are allowed, but there will be no deviations in the dovetails, rabbets or in the handholds.

Commercial Grade
The following wood deviations are allowed – tight knots are allowed except in the dovetails or in the rabbets. Pitch pockets are allowed, although preferably on the inside of the box. Bluing up to 50% is allowed, and deviations can occur in the handhold as long as it won’t interfere with functionality.

Budget/Economy Grade
This grade provides for an excellent product for your dollar, and will provide years of service. Deviations include loose knots and/or large knots and/or cracks, bluing, larger pitch pockets, some warpage but the same precision fits as the other grades.