Have you been interested in raising honeybees of your own? Having your own beehive has its benefits, but before you start raising bees in your backyard you need to ask yourself… should you raise honeybees?

At the same time, you also want to make sure your equipped with the proper tools and space to raise honeybees. So, in this article, we are going to discuss what responsibilities are coupled with honeybees and the pros and cons to being a honey beekeeper.

If raising bees sound inviting and something you’re intrigued by then you are in the right place.

Let’s dive right into it.

Can I Really Raise Bees on My Own?

Bees are amazing insects. They are woven into our world more than most know. Anyone can become a master beekeeper. You must take mastering the necessary skills seriously to become a great beekeeper. If you want to start off on the right foot and raise a great bee colony preparation is the first step.

In particular, you must learn how to manage a beehive before you actually get bees. Not being clear on what bees need to feel safe, and comfortable can lead your bees to abandon the hive.

With that said, let’s talk about some tangibles you want to be aware of when beekeeping.

How Much Does It Cost to Keep Bees?

Cost is something ever new aspiring beekeeper should consider. It can be expensive, and according to recent reports, several be keepers stated it is very fun. However, keeping bees was more expensive than they anticipated. Bees are not expensive to purchase but giving them the environment, they deserve should not be taken lightly.

Now conversely, you can keep bees with zero investment if you want to build what you need. A little hard work and some elbow grease and some luck can yield you a good swarm. But to be honest this rarely occurs. You will in most cases need to make some purchases.

In the case of the purchases you will need to make, they fall under three categories.

  1. Equipment for housing and the care of the bees
  2. The bees themselves
  3. The operating equipment you need to help you work with the bees

These expenses are all things you want to consider when you think should you raise honeybees.

What are the Pros to Raising Honeybees?

The first one is pollination. Think about this for a moment. You own a garden or maybe an orchard. Raising bees can help your yield from your garden because of pollination. When you raise honeybees, they increase pollination of plants. This increases more food growth. It’s no secret that honeybees are the major reason for improved agriculture around the world.

Moving on, the next pro to raising bees is the simplicity once things are set up properly. Bees are very self-sufficient and extremely hard workers. You may only need to spend around one hour a week tending to them during a warmer season for management of the colony.

Honey is an obvious benefit; with the honey production you are able to sell or use the honey for personal use. The health benefits of raw honey are praised far and wide throughout the world.

Let’s not forget beeswax. The bee also produces this versatile substance that can be used in several different products around the house of sold to commercial businesses to help them create their products.

What are the Cons to Raising Honeybees?

Stinging can occur when you own honeybees. There is equipment that you can where that will help you prevent stings. However, you must understand the risks of beekeeping before you get involved. It’s always wise to confirm through your primary physician that you are not allergic to honeybee stings.

Stings hurt, so regardless of being allergic or not you want to remember what we discussed earlier about hive management. Preparation and understanding how to work with bees will help you avoid unnecessary stings.

Pricing may be a con to some new beekeepers, but for what you are doing for the planet and the benefits you will receive make it all worth it. As a matter of fact, there are bundles you can order that include, a hive, protective gear, boxes, smokers, and the bees for a discount when combined all together.


If you follow bee news, then you know about the decline of our bee population. Becoming a beekeeper is a magnificent way to help the planet. With that being said, the pesticides, and parasites that plague bees have become a major problem. This is why you must take good care of your bees and make sure the environment they are in will be stable. It’s just as important to learn how to keep your bees healthy than anything else involving beekeeping.

In Summary

Should you raise honeybees? Absolutely! Raising honeybees offer so many more pros than cons, and truly the cons are more along the lines of more education about bees which is something you need anyway. In this article you learned about the pros and cons of raising bees, you also now know the three major areas of beekeeping you must start with to begin beekeeping.

If you want more information about equipment or getting started with raising bees, contact Beek Best at (866) 712-3357. We have the best tools and beekeeping supplies and can offer the help and guidance you need to get started. With our beginner beekeeping kits, we make it easy.