Packaged bees require a certain level of care before they can be placed in a hive. Normally, if it is a warm day out – around 60 degrees or more with little wind and rain, you can get home and get right out to your prepared hive, shake them in and not worry about it. On days that it is 40 degrees or less OR raining (pouring), you do not want to attempt to shake your bees into their hive. We recommend that you wait for a warmer day. If this should occur, there are a couple of steps you need to know to take care of your bees while they are still in their packages.

Your three pound package of bees will look something like this. (Figure 1) In the center hanging down from the top will be a can of sugar syrup your bees have been feeding on since being packaged. To the right of the feeder can is the queen cage (Figure 2). Next to that can, and from the