Can Beginners Raise Bees?

Do you want to raise bees but think you can’t because you’re a beginner? Think again. There are plenty of people getting started with raising bees that don’t know much about it. Sure it’s a lot of work. But name one thing in life that makes a difference that’s easy to get started. Can beginners raise bees? You bet!

In this article, we are going to get you started on this amazing journey to cultivating honey, honeycombs, and royal jelly. In addition, and just as important, it will help the bee population and you will be a direct catalyst for that increase. 

Sound good? Let’s get started. 

Why You Should Raise Bees

There are several worthwhile reasons for raising bees, and one of those reasons is to improve the population of our bees. It’s extremely important to have more bee colonies being raised. Bees have a direct effect on our eco-system and livelihood as a species. They are so special and needed for the sustainability of our civilization. 

They also pollinate our plant life, our crops, and more. For our fruits and vegetables to grow they need our fuzzy little friends. As bees fly from one flower to the other searching for nectar, they leave behind bits of pollen on the surface, that allows plants to grow and produce food.

Without bees, this doesn’t happen. By raising bees you keep our society in homeostasis that many people may not even realize exists. 

As pollinators, bees are necessary for every aspect of the ecosystem. They encourage the growth of our trees, our flowers, and plants. Bees interconnected other life’s ecosystems and allow a wide number of different species to co-exist.

But we should also remember the other reasons bees are important to the environment. Honey!

How do You Get Bees to Raise?

A very important part of raising bees is actually having bees. There are a few ways to get your hands some bees. 

  • You can catch a wild spring swarm (a cluster of bees that left their hive home-less at the moment – hanging from a tree or bush), but that can be a difficult way to get your hands on your first batch of bees. But it can be done.
  • Buy your bees from an established beekeeper – This can be a great way to get started, a good hive can cost you anywhere from fifty to one hundred U.S dollars. If you take this route, you should get the bees inspected first (yes they have bee inspectors). They are apiarists from your state’s department of agriculture. It is free so no cost to you at all. But there will be a cost if you don’t get them looked at. 

Why get an inspection of your bees? Because the bees could be ill with a pathogen or bee disease not recognized by the untrained eye. 

  • This is the simplest and most common way to get your bees is through the mail. That’s right. You can get a 3Ib box of packed bees, which can hold about 10,000 worker bees, one queen that has mated and is ready to lay eggs, and some sugar water to feed the bees. Costs can start between thirty or forty dollars. 
  • The last thing is building a hive for your bees. You should probably do this first before you order your bees, that way you can transfer them easily once you receive your bees in the mail.   

Now that you are aware of how to get your hands on some bees, let’s go over a few frequently asked questions most beginners have about raising bees. 

What You Should Know About Raising Bees As a Beginner

Where should you keep bees? – This is important, the answer is, where there is nectar, that means in an area where flowers grow. 

Where should you put your colonies? – If you live in an urban area a rooftop would be a prime location, definitely away from crowded areas where there are people. If you live in a rural area put them somewhere there is good ventilation and sunlight. 

What is the time frame on beekeeping? – As you become more comfortable you can manage a few hives over a few hours a year! Bees are very self-sufficient. 

How can you harvest the honey? – This can be done by brushing off the bees frame you need. You use a regular brush with soft bristles. You can then cut the honeycomb sections out with a knife. Another option is using a honey extractor, but this device is expensive, however, it keeps the honey cells in place.  

In Conclusion

Can a beginner raise bees, you know that answer now. And you also know some actionable steps on how to get started and what do once you get your bees. Beek’s Best is the last piece of the puzzle. They supply beginners and advance beekeepers with the supplies and tools they need to be successful beekeepers. 

They also have answers to questions you may not have found yet. Raising bees can be the most rewarding thing you do. It will help our planet and help you harvest honey and offer healthy honey to others. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it. Get the help you need from Beek’s Best and call them at (866) 712-3357.